How to Setup DVR Network

How to Setup DVR Network?

How do you know your IP address?

Please type:

How do you do port forwarding in a LinSYS router?

Please see this link: Poreforwarding

How do you setup the DVR network?

A. Right Click the mouse, and then select Main Menu than select Network. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

B. Select Static, if you have static IP Address. (Note: Check your Internet provider)

* Leave Media Port as 09000
* Web Port: the default web port is 80 however; you can change the web port to any port you want, only if that port is not block by your servers.
* Enter IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS (Note: if you don%u2019t know your IP address please check the link for Port forwarding)

C. Select DHCP, if you have dynamic IP Address. (Note: Check your Internet provider)

* Before go any future you have to register at domain name for your DDNS Server.
* You can go to to register an account.
* After register your account, go to My Account the select My Hosts then Add New Hosts name.
* Create your host name and select only of the server (Ex.
* After your have your host name then select DDNS Setup than Select ON.
* Leave Server at 3322
* Enter your Host Name, Username and Password from the
* Make sure you saved everything before exit it out the DVR by select Apply

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do you setup the Iphone connect to the DVR?

Step 1: Download iTunes

Visit Apple website to download & install the iTunes.

Step 2: Download & install surveillance software "Aplayer"

2.1 Register iTunes Store

see detail: iPhone surveillance instruction

How do you setup the Blackberry connect to the DVR?


Install the Blackberry desktop manager on the computer; Connect the handheld to computer using the USB port;Open the Blackberry desktop manager; Select the [Application Loader] item in the main menu;


See Detai: Blackbreey surveillance instruction

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